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123BIM NAVIGATOR – Next Generation 3D Building Information Modelling (Part 1 of 4)

RDV 123BIM Navigator Blog Series

Interactively view, analyze, and present your civil engineering projects in HDTV quality

123BIM Navigator, RDV system’s 3D visualization software, helps engineers improve BIM processes such as creating project designs; collaborating with team members on designs; and communicating designs to external parties. By quickly piggy backing on existing design data, 123BIM Navigator renders a fully interactive 3D model that can be shared with a wide variety of project stakeholders and the general public directly or via the cloud with RDV’s 123 BIM.

In Practice: I84 Hartford Public Design Meeting

Volumes can (and will) be said about the many ways in which 123BIM Navigator is bettering the lives of infrastructure professionals across the globe. However, its true value may be best demonstrated in the matter of fact use of a 123BIM Navigator fully interactive 3D visualization in a recent public design meeting for the high profile I84 corridor replacement project in Hartford Connecticut:

Note: The following is in reference to the video clip above:

  • Users love their 3D BIM model: To quote the presenters at the meeting – “cool tool…”, “want to bring the 3D Model Live…”, “Great tool to help us answer questions…”
  • “3D Alternatives Viewer” (as 123BIM Navigator was called by a presenter): Four alternative designs for the new I84 corridor were presented, each laid over the base model.
  • Gliding through the 3D visualization: The presenter visually walked the audience through each alternative, effortlessly careening through birds-eye, street level and below ground views.
  • Easy to understand: The Audience could clearly relate to the visualizations, as reflected in the quantity and content of their questions
  • The interactive model is a must, not a “nice to have”: Perhaps most telling is that it is hard to imagine the meeting taking place without the 123BIM Navigator visualization.

Reinventing BIM

123BIM Navigator truly changes how 3D visualizations are being used, and by whom. Easy integration with existing design data; fun and intuitive navigation; unlimited model views; ready development and display of design alternatives; conveying stages of construction; model videos and images generated on-demand; many, many more benefits, all for an affordable price tag. In the following blog posts we will take a closer look at three of these advantages:

123BIM Navigator Blog Series:

Part 1: 123BIM Navigator, Next Generation 3D Building Information Modelling (current page)
Part 2: Freedom of Movement in 3D Design Visualizations
Part 3: Preset Views
Part 4: Design Alternatives

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