Be the Director of your Interactive 3D Visualizations (Part 3 of 4)

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Customized, fixed and animated views of BIM models with 123BIM Navigator’s Pre-Defined Cameras.

In the previous installation of this blog series, we bore witness to the smooth, effortless and unfettered navigation of BIM engineering models in RDV’s 123BIM Navigator. Somewhat on the other side of the coin, here we take a closer look at how AEC professionals can harness our interactive 3D Visualization tools to generate preset, fixed and moving views of their designs for presentation and collaboration with others.

Giving Perspective to your BIM Model

Nobody knows your engineering designs better than you and your team. Similarly, you know what parts of your 3D model to highlight or focus on to best present it to others, at any level of detail. Much like directing your own film, 123BIM Navigator gives you the tools to do just that.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Presenting your 3D BIM visualization to the Public – With pre-defined views and drive / fly-bys, infrastructure professionals can showcase specific areas of their models, show 360o views of the model as it would look from people’s homes or places of work, or simulate driving along a new route. When presenting their models to the public, this allows the project team to anticipate questions and prepare accordingly, as well as gives them a means to easily move between sections of the model, leading to better presentations and helping to increase public involvement.
  • Collaboration – Project team members can readily generate views to emphasize specific aspects of the model during team meetings, or for other team members to view and review offline.

I-295 “Missing Moves” – Pre-Defined Views at Work
TIP: Please refer to the 123BIM Navigator video clip above.

When kicking off the I-295 “Missing Moves” project in Bellmawr, NJ, developed for Dewberry Engineers and New Jersey DOT, its leaders were keenly aware that multiple groups, some remotely located, would need to collaborate on engineering designs and that the success of the project hinged on public support. 123BIM Navigator offered a convenient and fair priced set of features for these (and many other) issues including:

  • Fixed virtual cameras: Set a “camera” at any point within your model for viewing a complete circle (sphere) of the model around that point.
  • Different heights, different perspectives: Street level through bird’s eye views.
  • Time lapsed views and alternatives: View the same section of the model before and after changes, and across design alternatives.
  • Plan your presentations: Generate series of views to address in presentations to the public, team members and other stakeholders.
  • Drive-bys / Fly-bys: Put viewers behind the wheel of a car or the yoke of a plane within your model.
  • In Practice: To get widespread buy-in to the aforementioned I-295 “Missing Moves” project, the project team, Dewberry Engineers and New Jersey DOT, gave the public not only a sense of how the new construction will look, but a feel for the experience of driving on the new roads, ramps and roundabouts, as well as a big picture perspective of the whole project site using drive and fly-bys.
  • Asynchronous collaboration: Create pre-defined views and animations for other (remote) team members to review and provide feedback later on.

Portray your BIM Model your Way

As the “owners” of their engineering designs, civil engineering project teams also own the knowledge for constructing the 3D BIM model and how best to present it. It is therefore critical that they be able to convey this information in an effective and understandable fashion, amongst themselves and to other interested parties. An increasing number of infrastructure professionals are finding that 123BIM Navigator’s pre-set views and animations are ideal for providing customized expressions of their BIM models.

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