RDV Provides a Practical Approach to 4D Modeling for MassDOT Project

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New North Washington Street Bridge—Boston, Massachusetts Project Owner: Massachusetts Department of Transportation Project Contracting: J.F White Contracting The North Washington Street Bridge on Route 99 is an important Boston arterial. It is the Easternmost bridge over the Charles River and provides local residents, commuters and bus riders with a vital connection between downtown Boston and Charlestown. It is also part of …

123BIM Delivers On Short Notice

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Project Owner: Nevada Department of Transportation Location: I-515/I-215 Interchange, Henderson, NV. Objective: Public Involvement / Open House to solicit feedback and educate the public about changing traffic flow patterns on a high-volume interchange. In an effort to reduce congestion from I-515 (US 95) southbound to I-215 westbound, NDOT embarked on a short-term project aimed at moving traffic smoothly and safely through the …

UDOT Uses RDV’s Interactive 3-D Platform to Gain Public Support

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Project Owner: Utah Department of Transportation Project Designers: Kimley Horn & Associates, Michael Baker International and H.W. Lochner. The three mile stretch of highway 5600 West between SR-201 and Interstate 80 is a two-lane corridor that currently experiences unacceptable levels of congestion and delays due to an at-grade railroad crossing, heavy vehicle use, heavy freight truck traffic, and limited turning …

To be misunderstood can be Risky Business

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Have you ever left a public involvement meeting thinking it went well, but knowing that you and your design weren’t really understood by the non-technical stakeholder audience otherwise known as the general public? No need to feel like Daniel walking into the Lion’s Den, there is another solution! No doubt you and your team take intentional steps in the design …

Infrastructure Project Management: Visually Converting an Objection

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When going into a public involvement meeting identifying when you lose your audience can be the difference between success and failure.  Also essential is understanding your target audience and addressing their concerns visually, converting their objections. When you hear no at a public involvement meeting, do you think roadblock or opportunity? If the aim of public involvement is to encourage …

What Others are Saying

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  Agencies Court Project Stakeholders With 3D Visualization Tool     RDV Systems: A First Look     123BIM Publisher Plug-in Empowers Engineers to Create Browser-Based Visualizations

How Oregon DOT Utilizes Augmented Reality to Win Public Support

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This is a great use case of visualization and Augmented Reality by Oregon DOT. Project Owner: Oregon DOT Location: US 97: S. Century Drive to US Forest Service Boundary The Oregon Department of Transportation’s challenge is to involve the public and other stakeholders for planned improvements and overall safety and mobility of US 97 effectively and with a limited budget. …

Virtual and Augmented Reality – Where Are We Today and What Does the Future Hold For the AEC Market?

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In the past few years the terms Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become common talk among the general public yet there are still many issues making widespread use of the technologies in the AEC sector still challenging. I’d like here to try and put some structure and definitions to make it clear to all who want to take an …

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How Visualization Shows What Can’t Be Seen

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One of the biggest challenges with large scale development projects is how to accurately convey what cannot or will not be seen. There seems to be an inherent conflict between two opposing goals of design visualization and very often specifically with respect to infrastructure projects such as highways: 1) To accurately model and visually portray the proposed design to provide …

How to Visualize Quickly and Effectively.

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How Florida DOT was able to visualize a complex new intersection design quickly, effectively and at very low budget. Project Owner: Florida DOT Consultant: Dewberry Engineers Location: Lee County,  SR-82. Florida DOT’s challenge was to find a means to educate the public about the operation of Florida’s first Continuous Flow Interchange quickly, effectively and with a small budget. Tasks Dewberry …