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How Visualization Shows What Can’t Be Seen

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One of the biggest challenges with large scale development projects is how to accurately convey what cannot or will not be seen. There seems to be an inherent conflict between two opposing goals of design visualization and very often specifically with respect to infrastructure projects such as highways: 1) To accurately model and visually portray the proposed design to provide …

Be the Director of your Interactive 3D Visualizations (Part 3 of 4)

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Customized, fixed and animated views of BIM models with 123BIM Navigator’s Pre-Defined Cameras. In the previous installation of this blog series, we bore witness to the smooth, effortless and unfettered navigation of BIM engineering models in RDV’s 123BIM Navigator. Somewhat on the other side of the coin, here we take a closer look at how AEC professionals can harness our …

Freedom of Movement in 3D BIM Visualizations (Part 2 of 4)

RDV 123BIM Navigator Blog Series, Videos

Roam at will through your 3D engineering model with RDV Systems’ 123BIM Navigator Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry professionals around the globe are beginning to enjoy the benefits of high quality interactive 3D visualizations with RDV System’s 123BIM Navigator. As its name suggests, amongst the visualization software’s top features are its set of flexible and dynamic navigation controls.  “Um, …

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123BIM NAVIGATOR – Next Generation 3D Building Information Modelling (Part 1 of 4)

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Interactively view, analyze, and present your civil engineering projects in HDTV quality 123BIM Navigator, RDV system’s 3D visualization software, helps engineers improve BIM processes such as creating project designs; collaborating with team members on designs; and communicating designs to external parties. By quickly piggy backing on existing design data, 123BIM Navigator renders a fully interactive 3D model that can be …