Freedom of Movement in 3D BIM Visualizations (Part 2 of 4)

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Roam at will through your 3D engineering model with RDV Systems’ 123BIM Navigator

Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry professionals around the globe are beginning to enjoy the benefits of high quality interactive 3D visualizations with RDV System’s 123BIM Navigator. As its name suggests, amongst the visualization software’s top features are its set of flexible and dynamic navigation controls.

 “Um, is this my BIM model?”

Infrastructure professionals, who have yet to discover 123BIM Navigator, sweat profusely to generate 3D models of their designs. After a brief moment of relief for having finished, many will open their masterpieces and feel lost, wondering if the model is actually theirs. This isn’t because they have done a bad job, but rather because most visualization tools available on the market today make it cumbersome and confusing to move around the 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM) visualizations they themselves generate.

In sharp contrast, those who use 123BIM Navigator develop an attitude of “Getting lost is just another way of saying ‘going exploring’.” (Justina Chen, North of Beautiful). Easy navigation of our interactive 3D visualizations allows for better use and sharing of models, and it leaves users wanting to “get lost”, i.e. to explore further.

 Navigation in 123BIM Navigator – the Monroe Roundabout

TIP: Please refer to the 123BIM Navigator video clip above.

The navigation experience afforded by 123BIM Navigator is truly refreshing. So much so that a Connecticut DOT representative called the 123BIM Navigator BIM model visualization the “star of the show” when referring to the software’s use in a recent public hearing on the subject of a proposed roundabout to be built in Monroe CT. Here are a few of the features that prompted such a remark:

  • Orientation and re-orientation – click any vantage point to instantly see what the model looks like in that given location.
  • 360-degree rotational view of the 3D model – picture standing in one spot and panning around in a complete circle.
  • Zoom in, zoom out – get a bird’s eye view of complete sections of the model, or a close up of a specific element.
  • Endless perspectives – from any given model location, pan, zoom and turn the visualization to achieve a desired perspective.

In Practice: When pitching a project to city residents DOT and AEC professionals can show them how the project will look from their own homes post-construction, helping to alleviate any concerns they may have, as was the case in the Monroe Roundabout public hearing.

  • Fly-by / drive by – create a drive-by or fly-by that presents your 3D model as you want it to be seen and places viewers on site in your future project.
  • Guided site tours – with your visualization residing on the cloud, 123BIM Navigator allows others to watch you navigate through your model in real-time.

Enjoy the Freedom

123BIM Navigator’s state of the art navigation tools are powered by RDV’s proprietary high-speed gaming engine that allows instant rendering of visualization changes in response to user input (mouse actions). The resulting effect is fluid motion within the model, quite the opposite of screen re-rendering wait times common in “traditional” design visualization products such as Autodesk 3DS Max. So liberate yourself from the clutches of slow reacting design visualization software and enjoy the freedom granted by 123BIM Navigator’s powerful back-end to effectively convey every aspect of your project design through a real-time, interactive 3D display.

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