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Hartford, CT – I-84

Hartford, CT – I-84 Case Study

In a recent video interview, TranSystem’s Nicholas Mandler, Lead Traffic Engineer, I-84 Hartford Project, tells of his personal experience and that of TranSystems in collaborating with RDV and of the benefits gained using RDV’s BIM suite of visualization software products for the high profile I-84 Viaduct Replacement project in Hartford Connecticut.

A little over two years ago, TranSystems chose RDV “to start on the visual rendering work. A very important part of this project is to sell the project to the public.”  RDV’s 3D interactive visualizations allow users to interactively navigate across and around the engineering design models and “better understand the layout of the project”.  

The I-84 Viaduct, the three-mile elevated section of the I-84 highway that runs straight through Hartford’s downtown, was designed and built in the 1960’s to carry 55,000 vehicles per day. It is now a commuter’s nightmare serving 175,000 cars a day, and significantly hindering downtown traffic. TranSystems was selected as consulting engineer for this mega project, which is now in the design selection phase. Costs are estimated to run between $4-10 Billion, depending on which design is ultimately implemented.