Road Safety Audit 3D

What Customers Are Saying

Carlos Braceras, Executive Director of UDOT – Excerpt from keynote

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Existing Roads


LiDAR Scanned Roads

Stopping Sight Distance

Passing Sight Distance

Flat Spots


Reports and Integration

3D Sight Lines – High

3D Sight Lines – Low

Alabama SR-269

UAV – RealityMesh

Road 411

Designed Roads

Side By Side

Bridge Analysis

RSA 3D Report

Turbine Interchange Sight Distance Analysis

3D Modeling, Visualization & Public Involvement

Virtual Tour

Cervantes Street – Pensacola, FL

SR40 – Ocala, FL

I-440 Glenwood Avenue Interchange – Raleigh, NC

Hampton Roads Express Network – Norfolk, VA

SR-190 Road Safety Audit 3D – Utah

Raytracing High-Quality Imagery

Brunswick Bridge Video

Brunswick Bridge DriveThru Video

Brunswick Bridge Replacement Project – Virtual Tour

Washington Street Bridge Video

Washington Street Bridge Replacement Project – Virtual Tour

Sand Lake Night Rendering Video

SR-231 (Harrison) DriveThru Video

Photo Gallery

Traffic Simulation Itegration

VISSIM Nine Mile Road – Pensecola, FL

VISSIM Merritt Parkway – Norwalk, CT

Flyover Hampton Roads Express Network – Norfolk, VA

2021 PDF Brochures

Road Safety Audit 3D Brochure

3D Visualization Brochure