Project Description

In 2018 Real Image Solutions (RIS) introduced RDV Systems’ 123BIM visualization solutions to Florida transportation agencies, engineering firms and communication teams across Florida, and showed them how to implement 123BIM into the workflow of FDOT and CFX.Two years after receiving its official FDOT service provider credentials, RIS continues to develop, promote and deliver 123BIM solutions for stakeholder and public information meetings (both virtual and face to face), and for remote project collaboration as a conference room substitute.

Thanks to 123BIM, the traditional need to re-render is replaced with ability to publish 3D virtual models to the cloud from the CAD application. Once published, multiple output options are available at no additional cost. Agencies experience the benefits of rapid model creation and visual outputs, such as fly-through videos, in minutes rather than days and weeks. The unique Virtual Tour provides additional value for the marketing workflow, as the QR code and link will always remain current and reflect dynamic updates as and when the model changes.