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RDV Systems brings your projectsdesignsdata to life!

RDV Systems works with US State DOT’s, consultants, private engineering firms and public agencies to create the industry’s most realistic, eye-catching, effective and versatile BIM 3D models for regional roads or highways, urban roads and streets and also for rural or low-volume roads.

Utilizing our clients’ data, RDV Systems integrates our proprietary BIM software (123BIM) to create interactive 3D models for infrastructure projects. Our clients incorporates this for sharing existing conditions and proposed designs. Our interactive models are best used as part of a presentation to view and navigate. Our technology is designed to make rapid design visualization an integral part of our clients’ project development process. RDV helps clients to accelerate the review and approval time of infrastructure projects. Our goal is to help our clients keep their projects on schedule and generate as many answers as possible for the community.

Clients worldwide rely on RDV Systems’ solutions to visualize, analyze and communicate their designs. Visualization and safety analysis are traditionally time-consuming and cumbersome processes, made all the more inconvenient by outdated tools. We invite you to connect with our conversation on LinkedIn.


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RDV Systems - Trusted Client - North Carolina DOT
“As soon as we opened the RDV model the level of hostility in the room dropped by 80%.”
North Carolina DOT
RDV Systems - Trusted Client - Connecticut DOT
“The RDV models were the star of the show and made it possible for our team to share an extremely complex proposal with the public, in a way that was easily understood.”
Connecticut DOT
RDV Systems - Trusted Client - Maine DOT

“RDV provided highly effective presentation materials that awed all who saw them. RDV was a pleasure to work with. They provided a very high quality product at a very reasonable cost, on time and within budget.”

Maine DOT

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