123BIM is Collaboration Technology

View, navigate and share your interactive 3D model using nothing more than a web browser

123BIM was built in a way so that actual, complex project design created in any industry standard CAD platform can be seamlessly converted to 3D digital models and uploaded to the cloud for collaboration and public engagement on the 123BIM platform. This is not trivial since the 3D digital documents created by the engineers are huge and require dedicated software to be viewed.

RDV’s 123BIM SaaS platform and services are used by departments of transportation and engineering companies across the U.S. with civil infrastructure projects of all sizes that require frequent public engagement and buy-in from many stakeholders. The 123BIM platform has three key components:

  • 123BIM – The SaaS platform for collaboration allows stakeholders to access and share designs from anywhere using any web connected device.
  • 123BIM Virtual Tour – The ultimate online public engagement tool enables guided tours of 3D models to experience proposed designs.
  • 123BIM Navigator – With this desktop app, users can work offline and rip as many animations and HDTV still images from any point of view in their 3D project models.

Remote Access

Access your 3D model from any computer with complete interactive viewing and navigation.

Sync Browsing

This tool allows you to share access to your 3D model with team members and key stakeholders.

Always Up-To-Date

This tool will keep your team on the same page by collaborating on an up-to-date cloud model of your design.

The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.


We are committed to communicating complex concepts to stakeholders without the need for high end software or skills.


We are committed to inter-agency collaboration, to create the new conference room. We don’t just view a design. We allow people to explore, analyze and experience an immersive, real-time living document.

On Demand Assets.

We use a comprehensive real-time 3D model that allows 24/7 access to create images, virtual tours, and videos (including 360), all included in your package.

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We’re Here To Help Get Your Project Moving

With a real-time globally cost-effective tool for project visualization and road safety.