Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

Here are some of the client testimonials we have received from our clients. We invite you to take a look and see for yourself what they say about our suite of solutions for 3D visualization for infrastructure design and road safety technology.

Our Clients | Atkins Global | RDV Systems Client
“Utilizing the visual assets of the 123BIM Model, the public fully understood the innovative I-75 at Colonial Boulevard Interchange Improvements project since they could see the final configuration.”
Brian Bollas, Public Outreach Manager, Atkins North America
Robert Miles | UDOT | RDV Systems Client
“…Technologies like RSA 3D are integral tools that allow safety professionals to solve problems previously deemed impossible and bring us closer to a future with zero roadway fatalities.”
Robert Miles, Director of Traffic Safety, Utah Department of Transportation
NCDOT | RDV Systems Client
“The response of the public to the visualizations was enthusiastic. It helped them see the vertical aspect of the proposed alternatives in a way that wasn’t possible with maps and plans.”
David Stark, Project Manager, North Carolina Department of Transportation
Carlos Braceras | Executive Director of Utah Department of Transportation | RDV Systems Client
“We had no idea that a company that was coming to us to do 3D visualizations had the ability to give us this product”
Carlos Braceras, Executive Director, Utah Department of Transportation

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Nevada DOT | RDV Systems Client
“This is an awesome tool to have in construction meetings. Even with people who do know how to read a set of plans, this enhances and enriches that experience.”
Lynnette Russell, Assistant Chief Project Management, Nevada Department of Transportation
Douglas Wheatley | RDV Systems Client
“I was impressed with how quickly RDV was able to produce and update the model from our design CAD files. We were making a lot of design decisions and changes throughout the process and they did a great job of keeping track of changes and updating the 3-D models promptly.”
Doug Wheatley, Project Manager, HNTB
ADOT | SR303L Project | RDV Systems
“The Public Hearing was a huge success and we couldn’t have done it without RDV’s work. The public was very receptive to the video simulations and it was a very positive tool to show property owners what the proposed freeway might look like.”
Tricia Brown, Project Manager, Arizona Department of Transportation
“This was such a great tool to let people see an actual representation of what the end product was going to look like from any viewpoint that they wanted. We also brought it into a VR headset for people to actually experience it at the open house in virtual reality, as well as having the Navigator projected on the screen while playing the animation, and stopping to jump to different views to answer specific questions.”
Nicole Williams, Project Manager, Kimley Horn
Dianne Wilson | NCDOT | RDV Systems
“As soon as we opened the RDV model the level of hostility in the room dropped by 80%.”
Dianne Wilson, Senior Public Involvement Officer, North Carolina Department of Transportation
Richard Armstrong | CTDOT | RDV Systems
“The RDV models were the star of the show and made it possible for our team to share an extremely complex proposal with the public in a way that was easily understood.”
Richard Armstrong, Principal Engineer, Connecticut Department of Transportation
Robert Nies | JFW | RDV Systems
“From the initial contact with RDV to the completed project RDV always quickly responded to the changes requested by JF White. RDV also assembled several video versions to be used during the public meetings. With the short duration that JF White had to assemble the videos, RDV met all of the task deadlines and JF White will definitely use RDV in the future.”
Robert Nies, Project Manager, J.F. White Contracting Co. - Dragados Subsidiary
Dan Moses | Mead & Hunt | I-26/SC-27 Interchange Project | RDV Systems
“With the RDV model we were able to show the different designs in a fully interactive environment, create multiple poster board images, and simulate drive–throughs for the various configurations.”
Dan Moses, Senior Project Manager, Mead & Hunt

More client testimonials to be continued…