123BIM Navigator is 3D Real-Time HD Presentation Software

Interactively View, Analyze, and Present Your Projects in HDTV Quality

Interactively view, analyze, and present your civil engineering projects in HDTV quality

123BIM Navigator, RDV system’s 3D visualization software, helps engineers improve BIM processes such as creating project designs; collaborating with team members on designs; and communicating designs to external parties. By quickly piggy backing on existing design data, 123BIM Navigator renders a fully interactive 3D model that can be shared with a wide variety of project stakeholders and the general public directly or via the cloud with RDV’s 123 BIM.

Reinventing BIM

123BIM Navigator truly changes how 3D visualizations are being used, and by whom. Easy integration with existing design data; fun and intuitive navigation; unlimited model views; ready development and display of design alternatives; conveying stages of construction; model videos and images generated on-demand; many, many more benefits, all for an affordable price tag.

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Freedom of Movement

Quickly navigate through your 3D model with simple mouse and keyboard controls. Instant rendering lets you see your project in a high speed gaming engine environment.

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Pre-defined Cameras

Use pre-defined viewpoints and camera animations to simulate drive-throughs and fly-overs.

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Existing vs. Proposed

Switch between existing designs and design alternatives.

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Construction Staging

Use layer controls to show construction staging and information overlays.

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Environmental Conditions

Instantly show different environmental factors such as water levels, fog, and shadow impacts.

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On-demand Assets

Generate an unlimited number of images and videos on demand.

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The Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time.



We are committed to communicating complex concepts to stakeholders without the need for high end software or skills.


We are committed to inter-agency collaboration, to create the new conference room. We don’t just view a design. We allow people to explore, analyze and experience an immersive, real-time living document.

On Demand Assets.

We use a comprehensive real-time 3D model that allows 24/7 access to create images, virtual tours, and videos (including 360), all included in your package.

About RDV Systems

Since 2005, RDV Systems has been delivering innovative visualization and BIM software products. Consultants and public agencies around the world rely on RDV Systems’ solutions to visualize, analyze and communicate their designs for thr road safety audit meaning.

Traditionally, in the design and conceptualization of infrastructure, the processes of visualization and safety analysis have been both time-consuming and cumbersome as well as inconvenient, driven by outdated tools. The team of experts at RDV Systems believe that elegant and forward thinking solutions are possible. Our tools allow for a combination of speed of development and cost-efficacy while maintaining a high level of quality. Our motto, “Publish, Don’t Render.” pushes the boundaries of innovation in the field of 3D model design and analysis while drastically reducing delivery times, and ultimately increases the ROI for our clients.

  • MISSION: To lead the industry with a streamlined 3D real-time, visual communication solution.
  • VISION: To provide a globally cost-effective tool for project visualization and road safety that dramatically expands cooperation and communication for teams and the public.

With nothing to download or install, our products are accessible on any device. They are accessible through the cloud, and have built-in capabilities for remote collaboration, sharing, and hosting for public involvement. The ‘heavy-lifting’ is done on our end, eliminating the need for advanced processing power on your end. These features open up a world of possibilities for otherwise complicated situations.

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