Road Safety Audit 3D Technology Software

Ensuring The Safety of Your Roads

Road Safety Audit 3D Software: Your Approach To Safer Roads

RDV Systems employs a holistic methodology when conducting road safety audits, delving deep into the 3D landscape of the road network to pinpoint safety shortcomings. This approach illuminates potentially perilous segments of the roadway, offering invaluable insights. Our cutting-edge technology revolutionizes this process by delivering comprehensive analyses in significantly less time than traditional methods.

By embracing a systemic perspective, RDV Systems brings a new dimension to road safety assessments. Instead of merely scratching the surface, we plunge into the intricate 3D environment of the road infrastructure, unearthing vulnerabilities that might otherwise remain hidden. This meticulous exploration enables us to identify trouble spots and areas of concern with unparalleled precision, enhancing overall safety.

Moreover, our state-of-the-art technology accelerates the audit process, drastically reducing the time required compared to conventional techniques. The speed and accuracy of our assessments empower stakeholders with timely information to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to enhance road safety.

Is Road Safety Your Thing?

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3D Road Data Input and Preparation
  • Existing roads: LiDAR, Reality Mesh, DTM
  • Proposed designs: 3D design data from DGN, DWG, Open Roads, Infraworks, Civil 3D, Sketchup and more
Analysis Objectives and Parameters Setup
  • Use of AASHTO standards
  • State DOT standards
  • User customizable
Reporting and Integration
  • Downloadable CSV files
  • Online HTML reports
  • Integrate with Google Maps

  • Integrate with Proprietary Data Systems
Analysis Types
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Stopping Sight Distance
  • Intersection Sight Distance

  • Flat Spots

  • Curve Advisory Reporting

  • Glare

Examples of Our Road Safety Analysis Work

Sight Distance Improved

Road Safety Audit | 123BIM | BIM Infrastructure Solution | RDV Systems

Watch the difference between outdated sight distance methodology versus RDV’s 3D sight distance analysis.

Planning and Design Projects

Road Safety Audit | 123BIM Solutions | RDV Systems

Our platform uses a systemic approach to road safety based on precise virtual models of roadway geometry for every lane, ramp or intersection.

Existing Roads

Road Safety Audit | 123BIM | BIM Infrastructure Solution | RDV Systems

Using data-driven analysis of LiDAR and other 3D scanning technologies, RSA 3D can be used to identify deficiencies for a variety of safety parameters.

Full Report

Road Safety Audit | RDV Systems

The analysis provides a clear image of the inherent flaws found in the geometry of any road and provides a full report provided in HTML, ready to export for total integration with your existing solutions.

More Than Just Sight Distance

Reveal substandard safety-related conditions when it comes to bridge clearances, clear zones, glare and drainage.

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We use a comprehensive real-time 3D model that allows 24/7 access to create images, virtual tours, and videos (including 360), all included in your package.

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