Project Description

The I-84 Hartford corridor replacement study ( has been described by ENR as the highest dollar value project currently in planning and design in the USA. RDV was initially engaged to provide a model of the 3-mile corridor showing existing conditions only, with VISSIM traffic simulation superimposed on the 3D model. This model was used in the initial NEPA public hearing in January 2015.

Project Owner: Connecticut DOT
Project Designer: TranSystems Corp.

Watch news clip of the I-84 Hartford project open planning session

In April 2015 RDV enhanced the model to show preliminary conceptual designs for three different proposals for the Western portion of the project, and four proposals for the Eastern portion which include replacement of the existing facility with an elevated highway, a surface highway, and a tunnelled highway. There were also several variations for the alignment, profile, and interchange configurations.

Watch the flyover video of the proposed design of the I-84 Hartford project.

This second model was developed and delivered in less than three weeks, and was used for a week-long design charrette held in downtown Hartford from April 27 – May 2. The model was used in several formal presentations, and numerous ad hoc demonstrations of the different proposals throughout the open house event.

The I-84 Hartford virtual model continues to be updated as the design proposals are refined. Here’s the exclusive interview with Nicholas Mandler, Lead Traffic Engineer of TranSystems for the project.

Using RDVs Visualization software, CTDOT State engineers planning the replacement of the I-84 viaduct held a round of public meetings in Hartford to try to reduce the number of options on the table.

The multibillion-dollar project will shape traffic patterns and influence the city’s character for decades, so the transportation department, using RDVs design Visualization software is working to get as much opinion as possible before settling on a specific strategy.